151 Episodes of the Ramayana


Sawan Presents All In One Story Book 151 Episodes of the Ramayana. Each tale in this book are written in a very lucid language accompanied by coloured illustrations that adds to its beauty manifold. Young and old alike are sure to get lost in the world of these tales which hold the reader spellbound.


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It’s the tale about how Lord Rama fought the demon king Ravana to rescue his wife, Sita. The Ramayana teaches us the true meaning of devotion, love, Karma, Dharma, valor, and relationship. The epic was first handed over to Lord Rama’s children and has been handed down from generation to generation.

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  1. Dinesh Kumar

    The epic saga of Ramayan cant be described in words, its an emotion, a way of life which is being passed on from the generations to generations. The Lord Ram not only defeated demon Ravan but established such a kingdom whose equivalent is still not found. This is a such a saga which can be read multiple times. So why not to keep such an epic in your collection? The book consists 151 episodes of Ramayan and a must buy for all.

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