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Evil is back on earth, this time in the guise of Kansa, the tyrant king of Mathura. To vanquish him, Lord Vishnu is born again in his eighth avatar – Krishna, defender of dharma.

Since his birth, Krishna has to fight evil in the form of monsters, demons, and ogres. But as he grows up, he observes that the real struggle of good against evil pits him not against shape-shifting monsters, but kings, princes, and brave warriors. Will Krishna be able to triumph over the darkness of greed and arrogance that has taken over the land? Will he be able to restore peace and dharma?

The tale of Krishna is a journey through awe-inspiring magical lands – the breathtaking forests of Vrindavan, the magical city of Dwarka, and the arid battlefields of Kurukshetra – as he conquers evil through his wisdom and courage to put mankind back on the path to righteousness.

ISBN: 9789381182802

Author: Shweta Taneja
Illustrator: Rajesh Nagulakonda

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