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  1. Gireesh Dewangan

    Title:- My Experiments With Truth, An Autobiography
    Author:- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
    Right from our childhood we have heard many good and bad things about Mahatma Gandhi. Some of those incidents have been tampered with and then presented in front of everyone. So how do we know which one is correct and which ones are tampered with. Mahatma Gandhi himself tells everything to us through this book.
    This book tells story of Mahatma Gandhi from his childhood till 1921. Nobody becomes famous in a day. It takes years of time and many small incidents to incorporate to make someone great and famous. This book tells us exactly that how a shy and submissive boy turns in to a fearless person. We learn that, we need complete dedication and devotion to complete a task.
    I read this book for the first time around 15 years back. Whatever my political ideology maybe today, but after reading this book I became a fan of Mahatma Gandhi and still am. Everyone Indian must read this book.

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