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  1. Manish Mandal

    This is the second installment of this yet unfinished epic tale of one of the best Indian comic book anti-hero, Odayan. The masterful storytelling by Suhas Sundar and jaw-dropping artwork of Deepak Sharma will keep you immersed in this tale of feudal Kerala. The story resumes after volume one; Odayan continues fighting against the assassins sent by the main villain Zamorin, to finish him off. Odayan skillfully takes on the killers while building an army of his own to bring down the empire of Zamorin to the grounds and end his reign for once and for all. I highly suggest you to pick it up and show some love and support to the creators which will encourage them to finish this project and also thanks to HBM for bringing this forgotten jewel back in the market with this amazing pricing!

  2. dinkar kishu

    ye odayan part 1 ke aage ka story hai ye story bhi ek anti hero par based hai artwork bahut hi badiya hai aur story bhi acchi hai comic normal paperback hai ( aur haa ye comic bahut muskhil se nasib hoti hai hbm ko thanks jo iss comic itna dudne ke badd wo apne website par odayan ka part 1 aur part 2 lekar aaye ) sach bata raha hu ye comics aur kahi nahi milegi bass hbm par available hai abhi to ho sakta hai HBM se kuch dino me out of stock hojaye to issleye abhi buy kare issko

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