Swadeshi Chikitsa Saar


Best book on home remedies for common diseases to chronic diseases, eg. Cold, Fever, Cough, Cancer, Sugar, etc

This home remedy book suggests remedies for ailments from head to toe – simple, easy-to-use, and effective.


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The first edition of “Swadeshi Chikitsa Saar” written by Dr. Ajit Mehta was published in 1984. Since then, “Swadeshi Chikitsa Saar” has been universally welcomed as an authentic book and the author has received widespread acclaim. The publication of the second edition of the book in a short span of nine months is a sufficient proof of the popularity of the book. The specialty of this book is that in this book, instead of the many prescriptions for a disease, most of the major and infallible treatment of a disease is presented with its alternative treatment and supportive treatment and necessary instructions so that the normal person can get the appropriate treatment. There should be no difficulty in choosing.


Apart from this, the author has further increased the usefulness of this book by adding chapters on prevention of diseases and Yogasana-Pranayama. The numerous testimonials and experiences received continuously from the readers is a testimony to its popularity. This book has proved to be a high level book in the medical world and readers are feeling proud and joyful by not only considering it as a healthy living, but also by reading indigenous medical sarbooks and benefiting from the simple and easy tips given in it and sending their experiences. The authors are also constantly encouraged.


Special attraction

A) Squeeze over 30 years of research, meditation, thinking and experiences of the author.

B) In place of a lot of incomplete and impractical prescriptions, often a major and infallible treatment of a disease is presented with its alternative treatment and supportive treatment and necessary instructions.

C) The third chapter – “Prevention from diseases” and the fourth chapter – “Yogasana – Pranayama”, a priceless offering in itself.

D) (1) For those who are behind and confused with advertisements of tonics, the fifth chapter has been written on indigenous powerful medicines, “Tonics”, (2) “Aesthetic indigenous use for women’s beauty” The sixth chapter called, “(3) The seventh chapter, written on the topics of” drug-addiction, drug-poisoning, poison-medicine on the bite of poisonous animals, etc. “and (4) in the book As the experiences gained by those who miraculously benefited from the given experiments, the eighth chapter titled “Experiences of Swadeshi healing essence” and Navama chapter called “New experiences and new experiments” – all the chapters will not remain without enchanting you .

E) Trikaldarshi sages of his own country – invented and developed for the welfare and well being of the common people by Maharishis, microscopic Ayurveda practitioners, service-minded Mahatmas and physicians, an Indian medicine system – all suited to India.

F) Able to destroy the roots and provide complete healing instead of suppressing disease, used continuously for centuries, sensible, reliable, known and tried indigenous medicines.

G) Being affordable and easily available in and around the house, being able to prepare medicines at home from food and everyday materials, the ordinary person has to visit hospitals and doctors, various medical checkups and unnecessary tests and A public-friendly book to avoid many problems.


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